Amon & Co. s.r.o. - Váš partner ve výrobě vzorníků


Among the main concerns belongs the production of wallpaper booksfabric samplers and grafic cut from foils - sign-making. We produce all our products ourselves using the most modern technologies.

Processing of printed materials

  • Cutting from sheets
  • Die cutting, punching, drilling and bending
  • Milling
  • Screen printing
  • Embossing and gold leaf stamping
  • Laminating
  • WIRE O, V1 and V2 binding

Book binding

  • Welded covers, foil covers and spines
  • Bonded covers and spines (single and three part)
  • Binding with screws (spines of different heights)
  • Production of folders, restaurant menus, advertising boards and so on.

Printing techniques

  • Offset printing, flexography and digital printing, design and graphic processing
  • Printing of promotional leaflets, advertising materials

Graphics cut from foils – sign-making

  • Decorative self adhesive labels for interior walls
  • Advertising signs for display windows in retail stores and car windows
  • Cutting on plotters GRAPHTEC FC 7000-160